About Contagious

Kyle Mountsier

Kyle is a passionate automotive professional that has over 11 years of experience in every aspect of the dealership space from fixed ops to variable ops and from marketing to process training. Currently, he works as the Marketing & Business Dev Director at Nelson Automotive Group and is the host of Contagious Podcast.

Kyle has a desire to support dealerships and dealer groups in their pursuit of excellence in their operations. His unique ability to connect people and processes enables him to advise Dealer Principals, GMs, and Marketing Directors toward the best operational efficiency. Whether you are looking at the newest and shiniest process or product or looking to gain efficiency with your current strategy, Kyle is ready and eager to help so that the automotive industry can push forward together.

Kyle is a husband and father living in middle Tennessee. He is also a Pastor at Resonate Church and Founder/Treasurer of The Roadies (Nashville SC Supporters Group).